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I try to get through life with a sense of humor intact, and I think my pieces convey some of that irreverence.

* * *

From the flowing malleable state to the solidly enduring fired state, clay has the characteristics of many materials within one medium. This can be both magical and maddening, but the challenge is what keeps me intrigued.

I was born in Denver and grew up in the Midwest, where I earned a bachelor’s degree. (I declared my art major after I got this fortune cookie: "Art is your fate; don't debate.") I moved back to the Rockies after college, and I’ve been involved in the art world ever since. I live with my wife and boys in Westminster, Colorado.

You can find my work at pARTiculars Art Gallery in Lafayette, Mountain Living Studio in Manitou Springs, and The Pottery Studio in Littleton.

I am a member of the Boulder Potters Guild and will be in their upcoming sale in Longmont. For years I have taught at the JCC Mizel Center.

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